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According to a 2001 World development report, lack of opportunities is the general cause of poverty in developing countries. As a result, we are on a mission to alleviate poverty in Nigeria by providing young Nigerians with meaningful opportunities. We do this by providing academic and professional development opportunities to young leaders across Nigeria who are committed to doing more for themselves and their communities. 

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The Youth Center Programs

Academic Scholarship

Since our inception in 2018, we have provided 16+ young Nigerians with academic scholarships. The goal of this program is reduce the rate of dropout and provide young students with the academic support they need to rise to their highest potential. Without this opportunity, a lot of our scholarship recipients would be forced into early marriages and low income jobs. This year, we will be introducing a comprehensive scholarship opportunity for students in severe circumstances. The scholarship is expected to cover tuition, housing and living expenses. For 2021, our academic and comprehensive scholarships will be opening up in July 2021.

Certification Scholarship

In 2019, we started our certification scholarship program to provide young Nigerians with an opportunity to gain new skills and display expertise in an area of their interest to potential employers or business partners. The certification initiative provides certifications from Edx, an open online provider created by Harvard and MIT. For 2021, our certification scholarship will be opening up in July 2021.

Professional Development & Entrepreneurship

Our professional development and entrepreneurship program consists of learning opportunities for young leaders looking to gain new skills in areas from networking to kick starting a business. We have an entrepreneurship series on our youtube channel and we will also be hosting our free Networking Conference on April 24th, 2021 to allow young Nigerians learn how to build and utilize a professional network. Find registration details on our homepage